Fireplace I: The Cozy Cottage

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Turn your screen into a cozy fireplace!

Relax as the firewood slowly burns down, and soft crackling sounds fill the room! This video was created with much love for detail to offer you a very realistic and natural fireplace experience. Here you can watch a preview (with reduced resolution):

Video Background

The following technical features of the video guarantee the highest quality and realism:

HDR (HDR version): Lifelike colors and contrast.
4K UHD (HDR and 4K version): High resolution that makes even smallest details visible.
60 fps (all except HD 30fps version): High frame rate for smooth and natural motions.
High-Quality Sound (all versions): Original stereo recording with ultra-low noise.

If you want to see how the video will look like on your screen, please download this free test video!

Additional information

Running Time:
120 min (100% loop free)
3840 x 2160 (4K HDR, 4K)
1920 x 1280 (HD, HD 30fps)
Frame Rate:
60 fps (4K HDR, 4K, HD)
30fps (HD 30fps)
Dynamic Range:
HDR 10 (4K HDR)
Standard (4K, HD, HD 30fps)
Video Codec:
H.265 (4K HDR, 4K)
H.264 (HD, HD 30fps)
Video Container:
File Size:
61 GB (4K HDR, 4K)
30 GB (HD)
21GB (HD 30fps)
USB Type:
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