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Here you can find high-quality videos for creating a relaxing ambience.
Turn your screen into a fireplace, an aquarium, the ocean, and many more beautiful sceneries.
If you have any questions, take a look at the FAQ below!

What are the videos like?

Imagine a picture of the ocean or a picture of a fireplace. Now imagine that these pictures come to life with movement and sound. You can watch the waves break on the beach while listening to the sound of the sea, or you can listen to the crackling of the firewood as it slowly burns down. This is what the videos here are like, pictures with movement and sound.

You can use the videos to create a relaxing ambience. Unlike most common videos with constantly changing content, the videos here do not demand your continuous attention. Therefore, they can be used while reading a book, while hosting a dinner party, or in a restaurant. The videos create a nice ambience without distracting you or your guests.

The running time of each video is 2 hours. Unlike in most other videos of this kind, I try to avoid video loops as much as possible. I think the experience is more realistic and natural when time is passing in the video. The light, the sound, and sometimes content (like a bird flying by) slightly change as time goes by.

The videos are free from unpleasant disturbances, such as sudden loud noises or people walking through the picture. With outdoor videos, it is sometimes impossible to produce loop-free videos without such disturbances. Therefore, some outdoor videos will indeed play in a loop, but I try to make the loop as long as possible. You can find an indicator of the length of the loop in the description of each video.

How can I watch the videos?

You can purchase a video in the webshop (available for all EU countries, other countries will follow). The video will be sent to you on a USB stick (delivery is free of charge). Simply insert the USB stick into the USB port on your Smart TV, public display, or computer and play the video *.

The videos are also available for free on the Youtube Channel.

There are a couple of advantages to watching the video on a USB stick, which are explained in two sections below.

* Please refer to the manual of your device for more information on how to play videos on it.

Video Quality – Should I get the 4K HDR, 4K, HD or HD 30fps version?

The videos on this website have been produced using the latest technology to ensure the highest quality and realism. Not all TVs and computers support all of these technologies. Therefore, you can get four versions of each video which are 4K HDR, 4K, HD, and HD 30fps.

  • 4K HDR: HDR is a new video standard that makes videos look more realistic. The contrast is significantly higher, and colors are more vivid compared to the common video standard (SDR). This video is compatible with most modern Smart TVs that support HDR 10 *. Its resolution is 3840 x 2160 (4K UHD).
  • 4K: This video has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (4K UHD). It is compatible with most modern Smart TVs and computers that have 4K UHD screen resolution and a USB port.
  • HD: This video has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD). It is compatible with newer Smart TVs and computers that have Full HD screen resolution and a USB port. Older and less advanced Full HD TVs and computers may not support this video. Please try this free test video first if you are unsure if the video will work on your device. If it doesn’t work, please try the HD 30fps version, which has better compatibility.
  • HD 30fps: This video has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD). It is compatible with most Smart TVs and computers that have Full HD screen resolution and a USB port. The frame rate is reduced to 30 fps to support older and less advanced Full HD TVs and computers that do not support 60 fps.

All videos, except the HD 30fps versions, have a frame rate of 60 fps. Such a high frame rate ensures that movements, such as the flickering of the fire, are very fluid and natural.

In addition, all videos feature high-quality stereo sound with ultra-low noise.

If you are not sure if any of the video versions will work properly on your device, please download a free test video first. If the test video works, you can be certain that all videos of the same version will work.

* Note that not all TVs that support HDR 10 can display true black and bright white. This could make the HDR video look unnatural. In such a case, the 4K version with a standard dynamic range might be a better option. The HDR videos look best on an OLED TV. However, excessive viewing on an OLED TV could cause burn-in. Note: Most computers do not yet support HDR!

What are the advantages of watching the videos on a USB stick?

You can watch all the videos on this website for free on Youtube. However, there are a couple of advantages to watching the videos on a USB stick, which are:

  • Better quality: To be able to watch the videos on Youtube in full quality, you need a very fast and stable internet connection. When the data rate of your internet connection drops, so does the quality of the video. Even the full Youtube quality is not as good as the quality on a USB stick due to the Youtube compression of the video.
  • Free internet line: Watching the video on YouTube uses up your internet connection. Depending on your connection, this can slow down the internet for other tasks. With the USB stick, no internet connection is required at all.
  • No logo: On Youtube, you will see a logo at the bottom left. The USB version has no logo.
  • No ads: Youtube plays ads before each video. There are no ads on the USB stick.
  • Possibility to loop the video: There is no way to loop a video on Youtube, so you have to restart the video every 2 hours. When playing the video on a USB stick, it is usually possible to repeat the playback. Therefore, the video can run continuously and no manual restart is required.
  • USB stick vs. Blu-ray: As streaming becomes more popular, fewer and fewer people have a Blu-Ray player at home. On the other hand, pretty much all modern smart TVs can playback video from a USB stick. A nice side effect is that playback from a USB stick is completely silent, whereas most blu-ray players used to be quite loud.
  • Support Aura Video Art: It is my passion to produce videos for creating a relaxing ambience, and I hope that many people all over the world will enjoy the videos. I would like to bring many more beautiful sceneries into the living rooms, and I always want to make sure that the quality is as good as possible. All of this takes a lot of time and resources. Every purchase of a USB stick keeps Aura Video Art alive, and more videos will follow.

Can the videos be delivered to my country?

Currently the videos can be delivered to destinations in the EU (except Latvia due to technical problems). Other countries will follow.

I have some other question. Where can I ask it?

I will be happy to help if you have any further questions! Please email your question to:
On working days, I usually answer within 24 hours. I look forward to hearing from you!
– Armin

Armin Windhager

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