Test Videos for Lava Lamp I

To watch a test video of Lava Lamp I, please follow the instructions below:


  1. Download the video by clicking the appropriate link below.
  2. Copy the downloaded video to a USB stick.
  3. Insert the USB Stick into your Smart TV or computer. If the stick is not recognized, make sure that it is formatted as NTFS.
  4. On a Smart TV: Play the video on the Smart TV’s built-in media player. Please read the operating instructions for your Smart TV if you do not know how to play videos from a USB stick.
    On a computer: Play the video on your computer’s media player *. Most media players should recognize the video format. If not, you can try another media player. The video works, for example, with the free VLC Media Player which is available on all systems (MacOS, Windows, Linux).
  5. If the video works fine, then all other videos of the same version will work too!

* The 4K HDR version may be playable on your computer, but with strange looking contrasts and colors. In this case, your computer or video software does not support HDR properly. Try the 4K version of the video instead for correct colors and contrast.

Tip: Most consumer televisions and computer monitors are not properly calibrated, so colors and contrasts may look different than originally intended. If you are not satisfied with the color or contrast, most screens allow you to manually adjust the color and contrast. Some newer TVs even have a calibrated mode that usually needs to be selected in the TV’s menu.
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