If you would like to return a video purchased from Aura Video Art, please complete this form and click Submit. You will then be contacted by email and informed about the further process.
Please note that if the sealed packaging of the video is opened, no return is possible. Otherwise you can return the video within 30 days of receipt.
For more information on the return policy, please see this section in the Terms and Conditions.

You can find this number in the email you received after ordering.
If you do not wish to return the entire order, please include the title of the videos you wish to return. If you have ordered more than one piece of the same title, please also include the number of the pieces you want to send back. (e.g.: Fireplace I - 2 pcs; Aquarium I - 1 pc)
You do not have to fill out this field, but your feedback would be appreciated.

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