The videos on this website are for creating a relaxing ambience. These are videos of a fireplace, a creek in the forest, the ocean, etc.

The running time of each video is 2 hours. No video loops are being played, so every second of the video is original. This way a more realistic experience is created, as the lights and sounds slightly change over time. And sometimes little things can happen, like a bird flying by. But don’t worry, there are no events which will disturb the relaxing ambience.

The quality of the videos is 4K HDR and 60 frames per second. The high frame rate ensures that movements, like the flickering of the fire, are very smooth and realistic. HDR (high dynamic range) is an emerging video standard, which makes videos look more realistic with higher contrast and more colors compared to the common video standard (SDR). To watch the videos properly in HDR, you need a screen that is capable of it, like an OLED Display, and your device must also support HDR. If your device does not support HDR, you can also get an SDR Version of the Video. SDR still looks very good, and it is only in direct comparison to HDR that you will take notice of the difference.

All the videos you can find here are also available for free on the Youtube Channel. Watching videos online is only possible because the videos are highly compressed. Youtube is doing quite a good job here, ensuring that the quality of the video is still good despite the high compression. If you want to see the videos in their full quality, with even more details and fewer compression artifacts you can order them here and we will send them to you on a USB Stick. Besides the quality improvement, there are some more advantages, when watching the videos on a USB Stick. – The internet connection is not busy while watching the video – there are no ads and no logo on the screen – and you can play the video in a loop, so it will just restart from the beginning after 2 hours.

There will be a new video coming out every couple of weeks. If you want to stay in touch and get informed about new releases please subscribe to the newsletter.